Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Time is Running Out!!

2014 pricing for aeration and seeding until the end of August

Time is running out to get the prime spots and receive your 2014 pricing for aeration and seeding! It seems our weather is going to get better but you don't want to push off scheduling because then it may be too late! See our Aeration and Seeding Schedule on our notes page for the fall aeration and seeding times so you can get signed up. Don't forget you only have until August 31st to receive your 2014 pricing. After that the prices go up! So call message us email us or visit our website today in order to get scheduled and keep your 2014 pricing!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Only A Few Days Left To Get 2014 Pricing!

We only have a few days left to get 2014 pricing for the fall Aeration and Seeding! If you have a fescue lawn now is the time to get on the schedule to lock in your pricing as well as get the rest of the prime time spots before we are booked up! Please see our note section with the aeration and seeding schedule to sign up before it's too late. Many customers don't quite understand the concept of aeration and seeding. After a long hot dry summer like what we had this year your lawn needs the beautification to recover from the damage done. Aeration is very important to help loosen soil compaction. This should be done every fall no matter how thick your lawn is. Seeding helps fill in the bare areas and thicken turf density. Lime will help raise the soil's pH level. Fertilizer will help to give the new seed and new germinated grass vitamins and nutrients to boost the growth. Prime times to perform aeration and seeding is September through November. Contact us today in order to get a prime time spot for your fall aeration and seeding. Do it before August 31st and keep your 2014 pricing!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall Is Almost Upon Us

We Should Talk Fertilizer


Applying a well-balanced fall fertilizer is VERY IMPORTANT when you aerate and seed. Too many people forget this step. Using a good fall fertilizer will enhance seed germination and provide the proper root development the young grass needs. It is important that the lawn receives a big boost of phosphorus and nitrogen to help the seedlings along.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It’s Dry Out There!

Did you know that Mecklenburg County is in a drought?

The Drought Management Advisory Council has issued a Drought Advisory throughout most of North Carolina. Drought conditions are especially severe here in Mecklenburg County. If the dry weather and summer heat are wearing down your lawn, call us today and ask about our lawn maintenance programs!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Is Almost Over……

Time To Think Of Fall

What do you do for your lawn and landscaping when Fall comes around?

Here are three helpful lawn and landscaping tips that will help keep your plants and grass looking happy and healthy throughout the fall.
Aeration, Lime Treatment and Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Lawns need to be aerated to loosen the soil. The lime treatment helps balance pH levels and the herbicide is a weed blocker.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It Is Time to Get Mulching!

We Have Pine Needles and Mulch.
Mulch helps to keep moisture around your plants and your soil from eroding away. Are the Summer storms trashing your garden spaces? Contact us to inquire about our mulching services. Our experienced landscaping professionals can help you design the ideal mulch for your lawn or garden. Not a fan of mulch? We also offer pine needles as a lighter alternative!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It Is Still Hot Outside

We Have The Maintenance Program For You And Your Lawn!

August is officially in full swing, and there are plenty of hot days ahead. We can help your lawn beat the heat with our Lawn Maintenance Program. Our packages include mowing, weed control, and blowing, with a range of options to suit your needs without ever sacrificing the quality of our service. Whether commercial or residential, we are here to help keep your lawn looking good all year 'round!