Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Here at Queen City Lawn and Landscaping we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Our crews will be taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off to enjoy the time with their families. Our office will be closed on Christmas Eve and will reopen at 8am on Monday morning. If you need anything then please call our office and leave us a message and we will get back to you first thing on Monday morning or please feel free to shoot us an email or a message.

We are still winterizing irrigation systems currently too as we don't know exactly what this crazy weather is doing. Please contact us immediately to get scheduled before it turns completely bitter cold and you take a chance of getting a frozen backflow or cracked pipes.

See you after the holiday! Please have safe travels and enjoy the family time!

Friday, December 11, 2015

December 2015 Newsletter

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 12                                                

We want to thank all of you for your continued business this 2014 year! We wish you and your family a warm and Happy Holiday season and look forward to enjoying your valued business in the New Year. During December, it is easy to forget about our lawns and landscapes with the busy holiday season, however the lawn does need a winter fertilizer and crapes need pruning.  Call our office and we can help complete these beneficial services so you have more time with the family.


Lawn care for December      
Landscaping for December   
Winterizing irrigation systems
Ask Joe the landscaper         
Crape Myrtle Pruning
Winter Fertilization     
Tree & Shrub Care    
Mowing Options         
December 2015 Specials      


December is a great month for:
•           Applying a Winter fertilizer
•           Mow HIGH
•           Removal of leaves from grass areas


December is a great month for:
•           Pruning Crape Myrtles
•           Bed Clean-up
•           Winterize Irrigation System


Winterizing irrigation systems will help prevent freezing water lines and Backflow Devices from bursting when temperatures fall below freezing.  To replace a cracked Backflow Device caused by freezing can be well over $600.  Here at QCLL we can blow compressed air through the Backflow and irrigation lines to push water out of the system, therefore eliminating the threat of freezing water causing damage.  There are some irrigation systems that do not have a shutoff valve between the main water supply and the irrigation system and installing one is a necessity to completely protect from freezing temperatures and to insure no water loss to your home in the event of a future irrigation problems. In the Spring, we will turn your system back on and we are able to provide the annual backflow test that is required by law.


Joe Morris is QCLL agronomic guru.  Once a month he answers FAQ sent in by QCLL Customers.  To submit your question for Joe, just email him at info@queencitylawn.com and he will be glad to give you his expert advice.
QCLL Customer:  How should I prune my Crape Myrtles?

Joe the Landscaper:  Pruning of Crape Myrtles should be done in the winter months once they have lost their leaves.  How you want it to grow will determine how you need to prune.  If you like the current size of your crape myrtle then cut back this year’s growth.  If they are too big then an extensive pruning will be needed.  If you want them to grow more rapidly, just cut off the tips. 
QCLL Customer: What does a winter fertilizer do for my lawn?
Joe the Landscaper: Colder temperatures allow us to apply higher rates of nitrogen to the lawn.  Nitrogen is main nutrient that makes grass green, but applying too much of it during hotter temperatures can cause the grass to burn.  When we apply this fertilizer in the winter, the plant stores the nitrogen and will use it as soon as the temperatures rise and trigger new growth.  The turf will benefit greatly by having this stored food source in the coming Spring


December is a great time to plan ahead to have your crape myrtle(s) pruned! It is best to prune crape myrtles during the winter months as the cold temperatures set-in towards the end of December and all through-out January. Pruning not only removes dead or weak branches, it also improves the appearance. In addition, pruning encourages new growth as well as controlling the size of your crapes. Call now to schedule your winter crape myrtle pruning.


Lawns need a well-balanced winter application of fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium during the month of December, especially after a good aeration and seeding from this fall season. This application will help build stronger, deeper roots for the winter and give you a thicker, greener lawn for the Spring.  If you are a QCLL fertilization customer you will automatically receive this most beneficial treatment for building stronger roots.  However, if you have not signed up for this treatment, please call our office immediately.


It is easy to forget about our trees and shrubs during the winter months. They still need a good fertilization to provide nutrients promoting root development during the upcoming winter season. December is also the perfect time to apply horticultural oil (Dormant Oil) to help control insects overwintering in your landscape before damage occurs in the Spring. This can be the most effective way to control some specific pests.  If you are already on our Tree & Shrub Program, you are receiving these essential treatments. If not, call the office today to schedule a granular fertilization treatment and Dormant Oil.


During the months of January and February, a majority of our customers go on either our Option B mowing (every other week) or our Option C mowing (no service unless needed). Please keep in mind that December is our last full month of service before the winter and unless specified full services will resume in March. If you need services before then please call our office and let us know and we will be happy to assist you!


10% off Crape Myrtle Pruning (Dec-Feb)
10% off Leaf Removal
$75 Tree/Shrub Fertilization and Dormant Oil (Up to 2000 Sqft)

$125 Winterize Irrigation system Up to 8 zones

Saturday, December 5, 2015

All The Leaves

So Many Leaves

With all the wet weather we have had it seems like majority of the leaves have been knocked off the trees. Don't worry about breaking your back to get them up! Our mowing crews will be out to get them for you out of the lawn space! Need them out of your beds? We have our landscaping crews who are more than happy to help. Need some color for your beds? Our landscaping crews can plant some beautiful smiling pansies for you too! Call us today for free estimates on lawn maintenance and landscaping! We can make your property sparkle for the holidays! Mention this post and receive 10% off your leaf removal estimate!