Monday, March 14, 2016

Want to Spruce Up You Lawn?

We Got You Covered!

At Queen City Lawn and Landscaping we do more than just mow and aerate, we landscape too. Your landscaping is the first impression you make on your visitors or potential customers. Whether you need complete design and installation of landscaping for your home or business, we offer landscape designs/installs for residential and commercial customers.

Our team of professionals provides a wide range of services to create and maintain your landscape. Our services include landscape installation, pruning and tree and shrub care to keep your shrubs and trees healthy and vibrant, pine needles/mulch, and more. We will meet with you to discuss your vision and create a design that is tailored to your specific needs.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Aeration

Have You Made Your Appointment?

Spring aeration is an important factor for the overall health of our lawns in this region.  Due to the hard clay makeup of our soil, this should be done twice a year.  A Core Aeration will relieve soil compaction and allow a proper exchange of oxygen and nutrients to the root system aiding its development. YOU SHOULD be taking steps now to rejuvenate your lawn.  The 2 Landscape Governing Bodies (NCSU and NC Dept of Agriculture) have the following recommendations:

AERATION - All lawns need aeration to loosen soil compaction brought on by the winter temperatures.

LIME - Helps balance the soil’s pH level and adds micronutrients such as Magnesium and Calcium.

PRE - EMERGENT HERBICIDE - This is a weed blocker that should be applied in early spring to prevent crabgrass and other unwanted weeds from taking over your turf.  This is an integral part of keeping your yard beautiful and weed-free.  It is applied in conjunction with ORGANIC
FERTILIZATION- Nutrients needed for your grass to thrive and the fertilizer works below the soil where weed seeds germinate

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time to Wash the Winter Grime Away

We Do More Then Just Lawns
Whether you need deck cleaning or pressure washing, we offer quality service for all your exterior cleaning needs. We can pressure wash your house, patio, garage, sidewalks, walkways, and other exterior areas. We utilize state of the art equipment and time tested cleaning methods to ensure your satisfaction with our pressure washing and deck cleaning services.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Is Here

It Is Almost Spring Time

Winter is almost over and spring is right around the corner, which means it is time to aerate your lawn. With the winter months, comes winter weather which tends to compact your grass and the soil around your grass. When you aerate your lawn, this helps break up the soil and helps get the much needed air to the roots of your grass. Request service online or call today.