Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

The month of May is a very busy month in the lawn and landscape industry.  Lawns are green and growing.  Our lawns seem to need mowing every 4-5 days.  Our shrubs and flowers are in full bloom.  We are constantly trying to keep the weeds away.  May is a great month to install new trees and shrubs.  Sometimes we spend so much time keeping up with our lawn and landscapes we forget to make time to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.  If you need help carving out the time to enjoy your lawn and landscape just give us a call.

May is a great month for :
•           Late Spring Fertilizer
•           Weed Control
•           Aeration for Bermuda Lawns
•           Fungicides
•           Mosquito treatments
May is a great month for:
•           Installing Summer Annuals
•           Bed Weed Control
•           Re-Design your current landscape
•           Installing Pine Needles or Mulch
•           Pruning

Fescue lawns are susceptible to a fungus in the spring and summer called Brown Patch.  When we have moisture and humidity in the overnight hours the fungus can spread quickly and damage or kill fescue turf.  An effective way to stop the fungus is to apply a fungicide before it occurs.  Preventative fungicides last 30 days.  Applications should take place May-Aug to protect your lawn.  We also offer curative fungicides but it is much easier to prevent than cure.  Call our office today to get on our regular fungicide treatment schedule!

Joe Morris is QCLL agronomic guru.  Once a month he answers FAQ sent in by QCLL Customers.  To submit your question for Joe, just email him at and he will be glad to give you his expert advice.

QCLL Customer:  Is fungicide 100% effective in preventing brown patch?
Joe the Landscaper: Nothing is 100% effective in preventing fungus.  However the success rate is over 90%.  We are so confident that if you get brown patch while you are on our 4 month preventative fungicide program, we will apply curative fungicides to stop the fungus at no additional charge to you.

QCLL Customer:  Is the mosquito control program harmful to me or my pets?
Joe the Landscaper: As with all our products, the products in our mosquito control program are EPA approved.  There are no known harmful chemicals to humans or pets.  I have a wife, 2 children, and 2 dogs and have used these products at my house for over 10 years.  The only thing that I have noticed is the lack of mosquitoes.  Please call the office to inquire. (704-947-3307)

Queen City has a customer referral program that allows you to receive credit on your account.  If you know any neighbors, friends, or family that could benefit from our service please let them know about QCLL.  If your referral results in a New Full Program QCLL Customer you will receive a $20 credit on your account. 

Only thing more annoying than summer humidity is mosquitos.  QCLL offers a 4 month program that helps control mosquitos on your property.  We apply a mosquito repellant fog that controls mosquitos up to 28 days.  Affordable applications run monthly from May through August.  For more information please call our office at 704-947-3307

We offer pressure washing for houses, decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.  We use hot water during our process which cleans much better than normal pressure washing. For more information please contact our office.

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