Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Queen City Lawn and Landscape Customer

QCLL Customer:  How much should I water my lawn and landscape?

Joe the Landscaper: This is the most asked question in our industry.  Each lawn and landscape is different so there is no concrete answer, but there are some general rules. 
1) Always water your lawn between 2am-10am.  This is considered the natural dew point of the lawn.  This is a great cultural practice that will help keep brown patch from occurring.
2) Water deeply, but infrequently.  Watering 4-7 days a week is not effective and just wasting water.  Watering 2-3 days a week is much more effective as long as you water deeply to ensure the roots are getting the benefit.  If you can take a long flat head screwdriver and stick it into the ground with your hands you are watering enough.
3) Shrubs only need a 1/3 of the water that fescue lawns need.  Too many customers overwater their trees and shrubs.  9 out of 10 dead shrubs are because of TOO MUCH water!!

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