Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Lawn Needs Help

I Have A Question About My Lawn

I follow all the recommended mowing instructions, watering instructions, and lawn treatments but my lawn still doesn't look as good as I would like.

Joe the Landscaper: Fescue lawns are classified as "cool season turf." This means that this grass type will start to deteriorate in hotter temperatures. We can stop drought stress and brown patch, but no one can stop HEAT STRESS!! Now I am not advocating doing nothing, because if you think your lawn is bad now, imagine it with no water, improper mowing, and Brown Patch. July and August WILL ALWAYS hurt fescue lawns in some way. The good news is that we can reverse and repair damage as cooler temperatures prevail. ALL FESCUE LAWNS SHOULD BE AERATED IN THE FALL!!!!!!!! Most lawns will need over-seeding, lime and starter fertilizer. Let me re-iterate again, ALL FESCUE LAWNS SHOULD BE AERATED IN THE FALL!!!!!

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